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For too long, our representatives have spent their time in Washington enriching themselves instead of protecting the American People. Rather than continuing to allow the offshoring of our jobs, I will set forth initiatives to bring jobs back home. To reach our full potential, we will invest in our workers again through no-cost certification and job training programs. These programs will range from traditional trade and labor skills to technical training and management programs. My Small Business & Start-Ups Bill, ready for day one in office, creates regional tax exemption windows, grants and tax credits for qualified start-ups and small businesses, and grants low/no interest federal loans to small business owners. I support taxing corporations that send American jobs overseas. Keeping jobs in the USA is my top priority.


The Cuomo Lockdown was a bailout scheme that crushed the working class and filled the pockets of our largest corporations. Our economy depends on agricultural production and a manufacturing base that I vow to reinvigorate through business development funding, turn-key labor incentives, and tax-free economic zones. A free and safe trade flow from Canada brings consumers and investment to our district, with a market to export goods – This will require ending all Covid restrictions immediately. Lowering taxes and getting rid of burdensome regulations will jump start our economy, as shown by the policies of the Trump administration. My office will create the first ever Western & Central New York Trade Bureau to measure trade balances and keep exports positive throughout the region. If other countries won’t play fair or threaten our national security, I fully support tariffing their goods, as President Trump did. 

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Our founders knew our First Amendment right to freedom of speech could not be protected without our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable. Period. I won’t budge on the Left’s communist agenda to leave our families and communities defenseless and reliant on government protection. I oppose efforts to create a national gun registry and any other anti-gun legislation aimed at disarming the populace.

Law and Order

I completely support our police and law enforcement. They risk their lives every day protecting the American people and preserving law and order. I promise to fight any resolution to blame, besmirch, or defund the police. I will do everything I can to use federal law enforcement to crack down on rioters and looters. Bail reform is the reason we are experiencing a massive crime surge in New York. It’s simple, criminals should be in jail, not in our communities.

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As Americans, fair elections serve to guarantee government accountability and are a pillar in the democratic process. The Advanced Ballot Confidence, “ABC” Act ensures against election fraud by mandating that signed applications and ballots shall be transmitted only to the county election officer by personnel, with verifiable delivery. This bill also calls for maximum voter ID requirements and increased voter signature verification.

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The blood of our sons and daughters’ rests on the hands of Washington’s elites. With advances in technology and intelligence like never before, I promise our military members across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are coming home. Forever Wars must be a thing of the past and the money we invest in them must be shifted to our institutions at home. No more stupid wars!

The Mexican-American border, with some c


I fully support President Trump’s border wall and I believe we must have strict immigration control. Illegal immigration decimates our economy and the ability of working-class Americans to find jobs. Democrats and Republicans controlled by large corporations have allowed endless legal and illegal immigration for decades to secure a stream of cheap labor for their donors. If we want to keep the America we know and love, we need a 10 year immigration moratorium to assimilate the people already here legally. Anyone here illegally must go home. After that we can slowly move to a merit-based immigration system that brings in people who will help make our country better. We are the greatest nation in the world, we should be choosing our fellow Americans the same way the Yankees and the Bills choose their players.

Big Tech

Big tech has the ability to communicate news to billions of people in an instant. They also have the ability to rapidly and maliciously disseminate misinformation and censor views that they find troublesome. On top of all of this, these companies steal our private information and sell it to China. Big tech even had the gall to deplatform the President of the United States. Big tech is not just an industry, it is a monopoly. This monopoly has the power to influence the perception of the world and change the outcome of elections.  We have to break up the tech companies the way President Teddy Roosevelt broke up monopolies. We’re bringing back trust busting. I vow to refuse all donations from Big Tech companies and encourage congress to pass a law forcing all members to do the same. I support ending section 230 protections for big tech and I will join Senator Josh Hawley’s Bust Up Big Tech Act on day one. 

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President Trump’s tough foreign policy ensured the United States' role as the world leader in economic output, military posture, and strategic capabilities. In one year under the new administration, the United States is no longer respected by China as a formidable foe. We see this in their actions with Taiwan, militancy in the South China Sea, and general air of disrespect towards the United States. China released a deadly virus to the entire world, lied about it, and is now more emboldened than ever. I am a military intelligence analyst serving with the highest security clearance and a master’s candidate in trade policy. I will stand up to China and I will call out politicians who take money from them.


The anti-competitive racket created between the executive branch and federally funded colleges leaves thousands of kids without a chance in our rapidly changing economy. I created the Affordable Collegiate Education, “ACE” Act to penalize universities that increase tuition and reward federally funded universities that lower tuition. This legislation increases students’ tax credits for tuition and school expenses, creates rebates for wages taxed on full-time workers enrolled in college, and creates no-cost trade schools for students accepting regional post-graduation work agreements.

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My relationship with God leaves me 100% pro-life. I believe our society is ultimately judged by how we treat our most innocent and under-protected. If your business, non-profit, or unique profession capitalizes on killing of the unborn: I’m coming after you.


Family Assistance & Incentives Reform, “FAIR” Act:

  • Tax credits for marriage, children

  • Tax bracket adjustments per married couple


Single income households – We need to revitalize the American Family and make it possible to raise a family on a single income again, so mothers or fathers can stay home and raise the next generation of leaders. Economic policy should not just be about raising our GDP, although that is extremely important. Economic policy should also be about making American’s lives better.

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Continuing President Trump’s overhaul at the VA is integral to serving those that served us. The military is an institution in this country that doesn’t end when service does. I vow to reinvigorate our medical and occupational assistance for all of those that served. Our vets should lead the way in our industry, communities, and families like they have throughout American history.


Big pharma’s predatory practices have left our nation sicker and poorer than ever before. Costs are going up, life expectancy is going down. Solutions like price transparency, disruptive innovation, cheaper and more readily available generic drugs, and a change in research and development regulations are areas in which I have professional and policy research experience. Bringing down the cost of essential medications like insulin will be my top commitment in office. Rural healthcare can be vastly improved with innovations such as wearable devices. My office will also commit to protect Medicare without hesitation. American’s have paid into Medicare for decades and our seniors deserve to enjoy their retirement with good and affordable healthcare. 

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An Act providing a tax credit to encourage marriage and family formation by married couples.


An Act requiring signatures for both the request and acceptance of mailed advance ballots; setting the period of advance voting at ten days; requiring photo ID or its equivalent at the stage of requesting an advance ballot; providing for observation and review of the opening mailed advance ballot envelopes; providing for a ten day period of advance voting; and setting the deadline for receipt of an advance ballot at the close of polling on election day.

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