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I was born and raised in Western New York. My winters were spent watching the Bills and the Bonnies and my summers were for family and friends on the Finger Lakes. I’ve called Western and Central New York home my whole life, and it is my mission to fight for the place that gave me everything.


As a United States Air Force veteran and a current member of the intelligence community, it’s been my great honor to serve our nation and defend our people and values. I serve in the 107th Attack Wing from our bases in Niagara Falls and Central New York. I'm awaiting congressional approval to transfer to the United States Space Force, to take our nation to the next horizon.


I’ve been blessed to work and study around the world, learning the ins and outs of trade, national security, and how to effectively serve and protect our homeland. But every time I would return, I noticed things in Western New York were changing.

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First a large factory closes, then local family restaurants go out of business, and before I knew it, the place I called home didn’t look quite like how I remembered. Our people are the hardest workers on Earth, so what is going on and why is no one speaking up for our people?

Tyrannical globalists and Washington, D.C. elites have been chipping away at our region for years. They’ve intentionally gutted our economy: Shipped our jobs overseas, raised our taxes, and taken every dollar they can get from our small business owners. Every single day the mainstream media and the political elite hide the corruption of the Washington establishment. They fearmonger and shut down our businesses for “safety”, while billions of dollars pour into Amazon, Apple, and Pfizer. This is political corruption at its worst.

In 2016, we delivered Donald Trump to an unprecedented victory and ushered in an era of unmatched global presence, national security, and economic prosperity.

Well New York, it’s time to deliver again.


I know faith in our people, not the global community, will revive our economic prominence. Smart, tough leadership and America First policies will give our region and our people the chance to lead from the front. With my leadership, we’ll end Washington elites' backwards authoritarian mandates and unleash levels of prosperity New York State hasn't seen in generations.



35 Years Old


Roman Catholic


Intelligence Analyst




Associate of Science, Criminal Justice:

 Jamestown Community College 

Bachelors of Science, Communications:

Old Dominion University

Masters of Art, International Commerce & Policy:

George Mason University

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